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  1. Advisory

    FYI-Eversource helicopters will be doing line repair work through the summer in the area closest to Raymond. More »

    "Entered: 1 month ago "

  2. Advisory

    We are getting reports of paving company scams. alert your elderly relatives and neighbors and call PD with any concerns More »

    "Entered: 1 month, 2 weeks ago "

  3. Advisory

    The Candia Town Clerk's Office will be closed on Wednesday, May 9 for training More »

    "Entered: 1 month, 3 weeks ago "

  4. Advisory

    cat's owner has been located More »

    "Entered: 1 month, 3 weeks ago "

  5. Advisory

    Candia PD is attempting to locate the owner of this cat seen in the area of Patten Hill Rd. Pls. call 483-2318 with any owner info. More »

    "Entered: 1 month, 3 weeks ago "

  6. Advisory

    Lamb killed by bear from fenced-in area on Patten Hill Rd. overnight. NH Fish and Game has been notified. Pls. be aware More »

    "Entered: 1 month, 4 weeks ago "

  7. Advisory

    Eversource transformer will be at Hooksett line on Rt. 27 shortly, will approach Rt. 43 at approx. 10:30 a.m. on the way to Deerfield More »

    "Entered: 2 months, 1 week ago "

  8. Advisory

    Candia end of Langford Road closed until approximately noon, due to tree that has fallen Pls. seek alternate route More »

    "Entered: 2 months, 3 weeks ago "

  9. Advisory

    IRS scam calls are being received by Candia residents today. Pls. be aware. DO NOT GIVE out any personal info. More »

    "Entered: 2 months, 3 weeks ago "

  10. Advisory

    the Candia Town Clerk is NOW open until 5 pm for absentee ballots More »

    "Entered: 3 months, 2 weeks ago "

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