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Oak Ridge North Police Department
Thursday December 22nd, 2011 :: 03:49 p.m. CST



On 12-13-11 I, Detective J. Ford, was assisting Sgt. Hubbard with a theft investigation arising from ORNPD case number 11P000884/6586. I ran a wanted search on one of the suspects, Johnathan Gafford, who was videoed pawning a stolen musical instrument, and received a felony hit from Harris County SO. Sgt. Hubbard, Officer Craig, and I drove to Gafford's residence at 31310 Fountain Brook Park Lane in Spring after confirming the warrant. We received no response from repeated knocking at the door and ringing the doorbell. We backed off to watch the residence from a distance. Shortly after doing so Sgt. Hubbard and I observed a car pull up in the street in front of the residence. As the vehicle came to a stop a black male, who we recognized to be Gafford from the photograph and video, exited the front door and hurried to the driver's seat of a Budget Rental box van (rented by Gafford) parked in the driveway. We drove up quickly and surprised Gafford as he was about to leave; the keys were already in the ignition of the truck. We took Gafford into custody. The truck had a set of knuckles with a knife blade in the cab; these were seized as evidence and Gafford stated that he sells them at fairs; he insisted that he does not carry knuckles, and that it is legal for him to sell them. The knife/knuckles was recovered and tagged as evidence. The truck had a large fiberglass spa/hot tub in the rear (which was unlocked) with the associated pumps and motors (obviously used). When asked, Gafford stated that he picks up spas that are advertised for free giveaway on Craigslist and sells them.
Gafford was transported to the PD for processing and for an interview with CISD PD and Sgt. Hubbard over the theft case. The truck was impounded by RES Towing to 27714 Robinson.

On 12-14-11 at approximately 1438 hours I, Officer McGrew, was on patrol in the 26700 block of the IH 45 east frontage road. I observed a black Chevrolet pickup, bearing Texas license plate number 20SSN9, traveling northbound on the IH 45 east frontage road and passing me. As the vehicle passed, I observed, what I know to be from my training, experience, and past arrests, a fictitious State of Texas motor vehicle inspection certificate (sticker) displayed on the front windshield of the truck. I observed that the sticker was modeled after the "Walking Cowboy" series. The sticker was a darker color than that of an authentic sticker, the font of the expiration was exaggerated, and the center "Cowboy" insignia was a metallic gold instead of a flat brown. These are signs that I know to be indicative of a counterfeit inspection sticker. Due to the motor vehicle inspection violation, I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and we came to a stop on Westwood Dr., just south of the Robinson Rd. and Westwood Dr. intersection. While running the vehicle's rear license plate through my mobile data computer, I observed that the vehicle showed to be registered to Jorge L. Alamanza. Upon making contact with the vehicle, I observed that the truck was occupied by three Hispanic males. The driver identified himself as Jorge Luis Alamanza, Texas driver's license number XXXXXX. The front passenger was later identified as Luis Piedra-Jimenez, date of birth XXXXXX, and the rear passenger identified himself as Marciano Rivera, date of birth XXXXXXX. I asked the driver, Alamanza, how long he had owned the vehicle and he advised for approximately six years. I observed that the counterfeit inspection sticker displayed on the vehicle was a counterfeit that I was familiar with. The sticker had a series of numbers of on the bottom left (E00202925), that I know to be used for counterfeit inspections from previous arrests. I also know this number to come back to a 2000 Dodge and not a Chevrolet. I asked Alamanza to exit the vehicle and he complied. I advised Alamanza that I knew that the inspection sticker was counterfeit. I then asked Alamanza where he obtained the sticker from. Alamanza advised that he attempted to have the vehicle inspected a few times but the location where he was attempting the obtain a valid inspection sticker had equipment problems. He then advised that while at a gas station he was approached by an unknown male that did not work at the gas station. The male asked him if he needed an inspection sticker. Alamanza stated that he paid the man $60 for the counterfeit sticker. The male then gave him the counterfeit inspection sticker to place on his vehicle. The basic manner that the inspection sticker transaction took place is illegal in itself. Alamanza was not in custody at this time. Due to Alamanza knowingly displaying a counterfeit motor vehicle inspection sticker on his vehicle; I placed him in custody for fictitious motor vehicle inspection certificate (MB). None of the other occupants of the vehicle had a driver's license. I advised radio dispatch to start a wrecker call to my location for the vehicle. The vehicle was towed by Township Towing to 8317 Big Oaks , located in Conroe, Texas. The other two male occupants were released. Alamanza was read the Miranda Warning. He was then transported to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, South County Jail, located in The Woodlands, Texas. The counterfeit inspection sticker was confiscated and later placed in the Oak Ridge North evidence locker. This incident was recorded on Unit 32's digital camera system.

On 12/17/2011 at approximately 1911 hours I, Officer C. Boutwell, was on routine patrol heading N/B on the IH 45 Feeder Road. I then made a right turn onto Robinson Rd to head E/B. After turning I observed a black Chevrolet pickup traveling W/B on Robinson Rd. As soon as the vehicle passed me, I observed the rear tail lamps to be extinguished and no lights displaying other then the brake lamps when the driver applied the brakes. I made a u-turn in an attempt to stop the vehicle for the traffic violation. I then observed the vehicle take a right onto the IH 45 N/B Feeder Road to head north. I attempted to catch up to the vehicle when I noticed the subject pull into the AMF Bowl located at the 27000 block of IH 45 North. The subject then attempted to avoid me by driving to the middle of the parking lot located almost directly in front of the main doors to the business. At that time as he was pulling into an empty parking space. I activated the emergency lights on my marked patrol vehicle to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle came to a complete stop and the driver exited the vehicle.
At that time, I observed the driver walk towards the back of the pickup truck and lean over. In doing so he was facing towards the bed of the pickup. I then observed the pickup to be bearing TX LP #AB09571. I got out of my vehicle and as I approached him, he began to walk towards me. I then advised the subject that he needed to have a seat back in his vehicle and requested his driver's license and proof of insurance. I advised the subject the reason for the stop and asked him if he knew the tail lamps were out and he said yes. He stated that he borrowed the vehicle from a friend who was identified as Aaron Riddle. The driver stated that Aaron's wife hid his keys, so Aaron busted the steering column which caused the tail lamps to extinguish. At that time I observed the ignition column to be busted and no key in the ignition. The vehicle did not come back stolen at the time of the stop. I also located a flat head screw driver and two small hand held flashlights in the front seat. At that time and due to the circumstances, Officer McGrew arrived on scene and we detained the subject in handcuffs for Officer safety. The subject was identified as Gregory M. Stpeter, W/M, DOB xxxxxx by TX DL #xxxxxx. Officer McGrew then had Gregory step to the rear of the vehicle and sit on the tailgate of the pickup. At that time Officer McGrew looked over and observed a small hand rolled cigarette that was approximately 1 inch in length. The hand rolled cigarette emitted a strong odor of burnt marijuana from the burnt end. After carefully reviewing my video, I observed Gregory exit his vehicle, walk to the rear, and lean up against the bed of the truck. At that time Gregory reached into the left shirt pocket, pulled out an item, and dropped it in the bed of the pickup which is where the marijuana was recovered from.
I then asked Gregory if I could search his vehicle and he stated yes by giving both verbal and written consent. I then began to search his vehicle and located a clear plastic bag with a crystal like substance in it. The clear baggy was located on the rear floorboard behind the front passenger seat. I tested the crystal like substance using a NIC field test kit and it tested positive for methamphetamine. At that time I contacted the ADA and he approved the charges for Possession of a Controlled Substance. I advised Gregory of his rights by reading the Miranda warning. The vehicle was towed by Township Towing to 6317 Big Oaks. I transported Gregory to MCSO South County Jail without incident. The methamphetamine was weighed using a Ohaus Dial-O-Gram scale and weighed a total of .4 grams. The hand rolled marijuana cigarette weighed a total of .5 grams. The methamphetamine and the marijuana were tagged and placed into the Oak Ridge North PD evidence locker. I then completed this report and returned back into service. I issued Gregory a citation for Driving While License Invalid and Defective Equipment (No Tail Lights).

On Monday, 12-19-11, at approximately 1330 hrs I, Officer James Kipness of the ORNPD, was advised by Officer E. Harrell that a reportee was waiting at Pappa's BBQ (27700 IH-45) in reference to a Burglary of a Motor Vehicle. Upon arrival, I met with an individual whose truck had been burglarized. He was identified as Snoe, Kenneth Bernard, w/m, dob xxxxxx. Mr. Snoe's truck is a 2006 white Ford F-350 crew cab King Ranch Edition. The driver's door keyhole had been damaged to gain entry.
Mr. Snoe advised that he arrived at the restaurant at approximately 12:45 pm and when he returned to his vehicle at approximately 1:15 pm, he noticed the damage to the keyhole. The rest of the truck's doors were still locked. He searched his vehicle to check for any stolen items and discovered two rifles had been taken. Mr. Snoe advised he had left the rifles on the floorboard behind the front seats. One of the rifles was a Sako Forester .223 caliber wooden stock with a Nikon ProStaff scope. He advised the value of the rifle to be approximately $1,100.00 and the value of the scope to be approximately $400.00. The other rifle was a Remington model 788 .243 caliber wooden stock with a Leupold scope. The value of the rifle is approximately $200.00 and the scope $250.00. I asked Mr. Snoe if he would be able to find the serial number for the rifles. He advised he did have the serial number to the Sako but not the Remington. I asked him to contact the ORNPD office as soon as possible to notify us of the serial number of the Sako rifle. No attempt was made to lift latent prints due to Mr. Snoe's entry to his truck prior to my arrival. After gathering information for this report, I returned to service.

While on patrol at approximately 0027 hours on 12-17-2011 I, Officer Straight, was traveling westbound on Lane Ln from Westwood Drive towards the IH-45 North east service road. As I approached the IH-45 North east service road and was passing by the business of Hodges Body Shop (130 Lane Ln), I looked south down the alley and observed a SUV style vehicle with the doors open, behind businesses that have been burglarized several times in the past few months. The vehicle was parked (facing south) in the far south end of the alley in front of a garbage dumpster. The dumpster is approximately 258 feet south of Lane Ln.
I turned around in the parking lot of Chevron (26900 IH-45 North) and observed the vehicle already coming out northbound through the alley toward Lane Ln at a high rate of speed. The vehicle pulled out of the alley and onto Lane Ln travelling westbound on Lane Ln. The vehicle failed to stop at a designated point (stop sign) at Lane Ln and the IH-45 North east service road. I pulled in behind a green 2003 Ford Explorer, bearing TX LP #BE07786, on the overpass of Woodlands Parkway and IH-45 North. I approached the vehicle on the driver side and as I approached the rear of the vehicle, I observed a large blue plastic tub in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Inside of the tub, I observed a crow bar with a blue handle and a crow bar with a red handle. Also inside of the tub was a pair of bolt cutters and wire cutters. I approached the driver and made contact with the driver who was identified as Ladalvin Glamal Davis, b/m, xxxxxxx, who gave me a TX ID #xxxxxxx. I had Davis exit the vehicle and stand in front of my patrol unit. I asked subject Davis why he was behind the businesses in the alley and he stated he just left Main Event and pulled over to urinate. Main Event is in the City of Shenandoah on the IH-45 North east service road and is north of Oak Ridge North. Subject Davis would have had to drive south to Rayford/Sawdust and u-turn or exit Robinson Road, driving through the residential area to get to Lane Ln from Main Event. A driver's license check showed subject Davis does not have a valid driver's license (not eligible). I notified Officer Rogers when I first stopped the vehicle and he then arrived on scene. I explained to Officer Rogers that I observed the vehicle in the rear area around Oak Ridge Liquor and asked him to check to see if there was any damage to the rear door of Oak Ridge Liquor due to it had been burglarized several times in the past two months. Officer Rogers took the tools and was going to check for any damage to any of the businesses in the area.
I asked the other three occupants if they had a driver's license and they all stated "no". Other occupants were identified as Zachary Dominick Loudd, b/m, xxxxxx (front passenger); Bryan Hawkins, b/m, xxxxxx (rear passenger); and Russell Levan Parker, b/m, xxxxxxx (rear passenger). As I was talking with the other occupants, subject Loudd stated that the vehicle just ran out of gas and has stopped running. I separated all the subjects and they stated that they left Main Event and stopped to urinate. Subject Loudd stated he was asleep and does not know anything that has happened.
Officer Rogers notified me and stated that there is damage to the rear door of Oak Ridge Liquor and that the two crow bars match the damage from subjects prying at the rear door. Subject Davis stated that the tools belong to him and he works construction in Houston. I called ADA Dudley and he stated he would not accept charges unless the suspects confessed to burglary or attempting to force their way into the rear door.

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